Chloe’s First Birthday

The reddest hair, the bluest eyes, the cutest button nose, Little fingers, tiny hands and perfect little toes. A little voice that babbles, learning words so new, She’s very clever, listens close, already knows a few. She’s our little monster, our little funny lady, And we’re all excited, her birthday’s here already. One year old […]

Winter Creeping In

Winter days are creeping in, the landscape growing starker Leaves are falling from the trees, evenings ever darker The temperature is falling, it’s getting rather cold The green of leaves has vanished, replaced with red and gold The wind will rise and rain will fall, frost will soon appear Sharp cold nights are on the […]

Counting Sheep

How frustrating trying to sleep Lying here, just counting sheep Lying staring at the ceiling Feeling less and less like a human being Lying here thinking about life Of all my woes, trouble and strife Round and round they go again These thoughts just racing through my brain I’m bored, I’m angry, I’m agitated I’m […]