Wild And Free

Wild And Free

Intelligent eyes and serious faces
Trapped in inappropriate places
Caged by humans, treated like toys
Taking their freedom, killing their joy
Breaking their spirit, day by day
Keeping them captive is not the way
These creatures need to run free and wild
Not trapped and treated like a substitute child
No space to run, to climb, to play
Loneliness growing by the day
Don’t take them prisoner, let them be
Happy, healthy, wild and free

©Brenda Stephens 2014 

Yesterday we visited the Monkey Sanctuary at Looe. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. The monkeys are adorable but as you are walking around, there’s a sadness that these places have to exist in the first place. These are wild animals that have been rescued from the pet trade and this is a complete lack of respect for the beautiful, intelligent beings that they are. I’m glad we went. I learned an awful lot from our visit. In one of the displays there is a cage which was a replica of one that a monkey had been rescued from and it’s about the size of my kitchen cupboard. This is utterly horrifying. I wrote the few lines above this morning. These beautiful animals deserve their freedom and the sanctuary is a wonderful place with wonderful people there to give them a far better life. Click here to follow on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Wild And Free

  1. Beautiful word’s B. But about the way nature is trapped in a cage and when they were born to be free in this cruel way is not the way it is purely for the purposes of mankind in one way or another some ways more depressing than others to people who love and accept our wildlife for the way it was intended. It sickens me so much. 😦

  2. Hi there,

    I am the Education Officer at Wild futures, The Monkey Sanctuary! Your Poem is wonderful and now laminated and on display in the activity room next to the Poe-Tree.

    Kind Regards


  3. Hi Brenda, I have been connected with Wild Futures for many years and was very touched by your poem. I am so glad you enjoyed the place and I am glad you will spread the message and re-visit. Primates are not pets and it upsets and embarrasses me that it is still legal in the UK. All the best, Luke.

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