Missing Friends

A person to laugh with
Good times to share
A person to cry with
Just someone to care

Coffee and cake
A walk in a park
Someone to reassure
When times are dark

Some one who knows you
What you’re all about
Knows simply everything
Both inside and out

Someone who needs you
And you need them too
You’re both there for each other
If times do turn blue

A night on the tiles
Or a girly night in
A trip to the movies
Any of those are a win

All those things are easy
And for friends they are a must
But the most important thing
Is something huge called trust

Without it it means nothing
Friendship cannot be
It’s the root of everything
It means a lot to me

I do not have this person
A friend in whom I trust
I’ve been hurt too many times
Solitude is now a must

It’s not an easy way of life
Deciding to have no friends
But given the mistakes I’ve made so far
It’s easier in the end

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