Winter Creeping In

Winter days are creeping in, the landscape growing starker
Leaves are falling from the trees, evenings ever darker

The temperature is falling, it’s getting rather cold
The green of leaves has vanished, replaced with red and gold

The wind will rise and rain will fall, frost will soon appear
Sharp cold nights are on the way with stars in the sky so clear

Snowflakes will fall to earth with their delicate grace
The world covered up with snow is such a beautiful place

The raw beauty of storms shall come and batter their way in
The wind will blow, the clouds will burst and soak us to the skin

The trees stand there, stark and bare, their leaves all blown away
The flowers have all but disappeared to return on warmer days

I love the winter days a lot, though stormy they are peaceful
It’s like the world has gone to sleep, I find it rather restful

There’s nothing quite as beautiful, as snuggling up in the warm
Cuddles with the ones you love whilst listening to a storm.

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