Where Death Lives

A row of tiny houses A row of open doors No one living anywhere Just bones upon the floor Bones that have lain there For many lonely years In a place where death lives And plays upon your fears An abandoned little chapel Another open door There’s no sense in praying For the bones upon […]

In The Corners Of My Mind

Sometimes I just happen to find Words in the corners of my mind I do not know why they’re there But I’m glad they are and so I share Mini stories, pieces of me Places where I like to be An escape from the daily grind Exploring the corners of my mind Sometimes funny, sometimes […]

You And I

Crunching footsteps On golden sand A walk on the beach Holding your hand Crashing waves Salty sea air A lovely breeze Ruffling our hair Pretty seashells Little rock pools Little jellyfish Sparking like jewels Long spiky dunes Pretty wild flowers Is there a better way To spend your hours Little boats bobbing On gentle waves […]