Stormy Shore

The wind is blowing through my hair and salt spray blasts my face,
I’m running on a pure white shore, it’s such a lovely place

The sky is stormy, moody blue The waves are crashing in.
Little drops of rain fall down hitting my nose and chin.

The wind picks up and the skies go black, There’s a huge almighty crash.
The thunder booms around me and lightening starts to flash.

Down the rain comes, sharp and cold and now I start to run,
I race along that stormy shore like a bullet from a gun.

Beautiful energy all around, nature at its best,
I’m tired from all that running, I’m tired and need a rest.

I find a little boatshed, a little light within,
I say hello and in I go, I’m soaked right to the skin.

I love how storms are cleansing, they wash the dark away.
When they go the sky lights up and leaves behind a brighter day.

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