Happy Halloween 🎃

Ghosts and ghouls Run the street Listen for Their sneaky feet Lanterns carved From orange pumpkins From the doorways Hangs spooky bunting Toffee apples Bags of sweets Lots of lovely Sickly treats Lots of giggles Children’s laughter Bedtime stories Soon thereafter Off to slumber In their beds Little spooky Sleepyheads Wishing all Little Monsters a […]

My Voice

My words My choice To share My voice My right To say What I want Everyday Controversial Opinionated No matter what I’ll get slated People judge Make accusations People have Expectations Who decides Right from wrong Are they right Or just headstrong Why can people Not disagree And remain In civilised company Do what you […]

You And I

Crunching footsteps On golden sand A walk on the beach Holding your hand Crashing waves Salty sea air A lovely breeze Ruffling our hair Pretty seashells Little rock pools Little jellyfish Sparking like jewels Long spiky dunes Pretty wild flowers Is there a better way To spend your hours Little boats bobbing On gentle waves […]

In A Black Hole

Over thinking Analysing A tortured mind Self despising Harmful thoughts Scary feelings Is this my mind It’s so deceiving Black dogs growling A tortured soul I’ve fallen in A big black hole Rotten dreams Pollute my mind A ray of brightness I cannot find I see the world As a place that’s ghastly Where people […]


Heavenly dancers Grace the sky Beautiful colours Way up high Ribbons of green Pink slashes Rivers of purple With orange splashes A breathtaking sight That will blow your mind Nothing as spectacular Will you ever find Flares of green Of purples and blues Such an enchanting Array of hues They flash through the sky Like […]

A Day At The Beach

Little toes in water blue A perfect day on the beach with you Excitedly you clapped your hands And played so happily in the sand We walked along the harbour wall Listening to the seagulls call Watching the waves roll gently in The warm sunshine caressing our skin Sandcastles popping up here and there Children […]

Trouble and Strife

Thumping banging Never ending clanging Screaming swearing It’s all very wearing Always feeling ill at ease Never to have a moments peace Broken sleep Exhaustion runs deep Patience wearing Them not caring Barking dogs Banging doors Feet stamping on the floor Mess being left lying I’d tidy but there’s no point trying People living half […]

Charlestown Harbour

Such a place of perfect beauty The waves are rolling in White doves sit on the harbour walls More perfect than you can imagine A pebble beach and rugged rocks A simply stunning view I’d love to spend my days there Walks on the beach with you Beautiful ships are nestled there Their masts reach […]