A Trail Of Footprints…

Can you see the footprints
The trail I left behind
I might be kept away for now
But I’m not that hard to find
Wait until the stars shine
And the sun has slipped away
Listen in your dreams for my voice
And what it has to say
My voice it will whisper
Right into your ear
You maybe will not see me
But I promise I am here
I linger in that little place
Just before dreams start
And I hold you very close to me
Right there in my heart
If you find a trail of footprints
One night in your dreams
Follow them, they are mine
It’s not all what it seems
I’ll always be there waiting
I know there will be some day
And when you can come there are footprints
To help you find the way


A Mothers Arms

They welcome you into the world
Hold you safe and tight
They carry you close to their heart
And rock you to sleep at night
They lift you when you tumble
Up from the dirty ground
They wipe away the tears
And keep you safe and sound
They wave you off when school starts
The proudest of their days
They wipe away their own tears
As you walk away
They welcome you back home again
Once your day is done
They make your dinner, play and laugh
Read stories and have fun
But what if this was taken
Snatched away for good
Your entitlement of comfort
Stolen away because they could
Taken by a person
Whose life is full of hate
Not thinking how their actions
Would totally devastate
And now my arms are aching
To hold you to my heart
I’ve tried to reach out to you
Right from the very start
I hope one day you’ll realise
You would never come to harm
The safest place that you could be
Is in your mothers arms

Written for my son. And for any other child alienated from their mother. Please help raise awareness of the abuse that is PArental Alienation #PAS by supporting Hearts♡Apart


The Song Of My Soul

I sing the song of my soul to the sea
By the crashing waves I am wild and free
My thoughts fly off to places afar
Through the blackest sky and shooting stars
I run with my thoughts along the shore
I see things there I never saw before
I feel at peace and at one with the sea
It brings out the poet in me
It doesn’t matter if it’s warm
Or being whipped up by a storm
I cast my thoughts in to the blue
And then I send my love to you


It was dark but cozy
Threadbare but padded with love
The floorboards squeaked
And the windows leaked
But it was beautiful
At the foot of the windy stair
It’s face shining like the moon
Every hour on time
It’s bells would chime
As the hours ticked quietly away
A tiny kitchen
With a worn old table
Basic and quaint
With chipped peeling paint
And food that was made with love
A little old lady
With a face worn with time
And hands that were twisted with age
A heart so very old
But made of pure gold
And a smile for all that loved her

The Four Corners

Down beside the lighthouse
An unspoilt view out to sea
We’d sit at the four corners
To see what we could see
We’d watch the waves come crashing in
Upon the rocks below
We’d sit there on many a day
In sunshine, rain and snow
We had the best view of the boats
Coming in to land
The best view of the shoreline
And the beautiful golden sand
We’d sit and talk about everything
We’d laugh and joke and sing
Memories of a childhood
And the perfect joy they bring

Four Corners

Photo ©Larry Wood

The Four Corners is the little white shelter by the rocks where I used to sit with my grandfather. The view out to sea here is amazing. Lots of happy memories there.

Many Thanks to Larry Wood for the use of his excellent photograph

My Own Way

The music plays
We dance in line
The way that things should be
But I hear it differently
I just want to be free
I will dance to my own tune
I’ll leave the rest in line
I’ve danced on my own a long long time
And I have turned out fine
The music plays
We sing along
From the same song sheet
But I will sing my very own song
And clap to my own beat
We walk along
The same beaten track
Every single day
But I am taking the other road
I’m going my own way

Remember Me

Remember me when you walk in the trees
When the flowers are graced by honey bees
When the waves rush to the shore
My love is there, forevermore
When the moon is shining down
Think of the times I was around
Take comfort in the stars that shine
Remember me and the good times
As you climb sleepily into bed
And dreams begin to fill your head
Think of me as you fall asleep
Those memories are yours to keep
When you wake and the birds are singing
Imagine it’s my love they’re bringing
Live with the hope it’s not forever
One day we will be back together


A Thunderstorm

From bright and airy
To moody blues
The sky has turned
To stormy hues
Drops of rain
Turn into deluge
People run
Looking for refuge
The wind whips up
It goes blacker still
Clouds knit together
The sky is filled
Then distant rumbles
Then lightning flashes
In a sky of slate
The rumbles close in
Turning to deafening crashes
The sky a lightshow
Of brilliant flashes
Forks of lightning
Streaking around
Cracking the sky
Whipping the ground
Mother natures fury
Her noisy unrest
Her glorious weather
At its terrifying best


Stormy St Austell
Photo ©SlimySnailsTrails