A Mothers Arms

They welcome you into the world
Hold you safe and tight
They carry you close to their heart
And rock you to sleep at night
They lift you when you tumble
Up from the dirty ground
They wipe away the tears
And keep you safe and sound
They wave you off when school starts
The proudest of their days
They wipe away their own tears
As you walk away
They welcome you back home again
Once your day is done
They make your dinner, play and laugh
Read stories and have fun
But what if this was taken
Snatched away for good
Your entitlement of comfort
Stolen away because they could
Taken by a person
Whose life is full of hate
Not thinking how their actions
Would totally devastate
And now my arms are aching
To hold you to my heart
I’ve tried to reach out to you
Right from the very start
I hope one day you’ll realise
You would never come to harm
The safest place that you could be
Is in your mothers arms

Written for my son. And for any other child alienated from their mother. Please help raise awareness of the abuse that is PArental Alienation #PAS by supporting Hearts♡Apart


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