A Thunderstorm

From bright and airy
To moody blues
The sky has turned
To stormy hues
Drops of rain
Turn into deluge
People run
Looking for refuge
The wind whips up
It goes blacker still
Clouds knit together
The sky is filled
Then distant rumbles
Then lightning flashes
In a sky of slate
The rumbles close in
Turning to deafening crashes
The sky a lightshow
Of brilliant flashes
Forks of lightning
Streaking around
Cracking the sky
Whipping the ground
Mother natures fury
Her noisy unrest
Her glorious weather
At its terrifying best


Stormy St Austell
Photo ©SlimySnailsTrails

2 thoughts on “A Thunderstorm

  1. already commented on fb but “MIND BLOWING” it blew me away but i,m ok back again now landed on my feet lol & superb pic as well. X 😉

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