The Moors…

A beginning…

I walk beneath a sketchbook sky
Crosshatched clouds way up high
Slivers of sunlight brush my face
Breaking through the cloudy haze
A carpet of the softest green
Before me, the most breathtaking scene
A place I’d happily spend many hours
Walking out on the beautiful moors
Cool running streams clear as glass
Flowers like confetti colour the grass
A magical place where stories are spun
My exploration has just begun
A rug to sit on, notebook in hand
Looking out over the stunning moorland


Bodmin Moor
Photo ©SlimySnail’sTrails

Feeling very inspired by a visit to Bodmin Moor yesterday, my head is buzzing with ideas, I’m hoping to explore some more, research the history of Bodmin Moor and work on either a short story or a collection of poems. Maybe both 🙂

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