The Rainbow

A splash of much needed colour
Graces a leaden grey sky
A welcome break to lift our thoughts
As a rainstorm passes by
It’s colours are brightly shimmering
Through a heavy curtain of rain
A ray of brightness to let us know
That the sun will shine again
Though as dark as a day maybe
There’s always a reason to smile
Even if its just a rainbow
That lights up once in a while


Photo Β© SlimySnail’sTrails
ColourSplash Rainbow Taken by myself in St Austell, Cornwall, UK.

3 thoughts on “The Rainbow

  1. I have spent the evening reading your entire collection and I cannot find words that do your talent justice. Soulful, heart wrenching, colourful, uplifting, utterly, utterly inspiring. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

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