The Tower

Deep in the forest of deer
A tall white tower stands
On the top of a grassy hill
Looking out over the land
As a child I’d visit
A favourite place to play
It holds so many memories
Of truly special days
First the walk through the woods
With a long branch as a sword
Creeping cautiously through the trees
Looking for dragons as I explored
The wind that howled through the treetops
Became the empty howl of ghosts
Snapping branches became goblins feet
In my imagination I was lost
The tower appeared at the top of the hill
But it was a fortress in my mind
I had to sneak past the sleeping dragon
The way in I had to find
Even as a grown up
I found magic in those trees
And the top of that old tower
Became a favourite place to be


Drinnies Observatory, Forest of Deer, Fetterangus, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Photo ¬©SlimySnail’sTrails

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