A Ship Ablaze

The boy stood on the burning deck
The ship fully ablaze
Unsure where his shipmates were
If they’d met the end of their days
A thousand images flooded his mind
About his short young life
About the girl back at home
Who would have been his wife
They would’ve been so happy
Young and so in love
Tears pooled in his young eyes
As he looked to the stars above
The roaring flames were closing in
The intense heat searing his skin
But not as bad as the pain in his heart
Burning him from within
He decided to fight for his life
Fight even though in vain
He had to try, perhaps just to die
But with the hope he’d see her again
He closed his eyes and braced himself
And took a big deep breath
He broke into a running jump
And leapt to a certain death…

NaPoWriMo April 27

Inspired by Mr. Steve Humphreys


Photo ©SlimySnail’sTrails
Original taken and edited by me and available to view here

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