Granny’s Treasures

Pictures cover every wall
Trinkets all over the place
Little treasures everywhere
In every little space
Every picture has a tale
Every trinket a has story
She loves to tell you all about them
In all their colourful glory
Treasures from places far away
Pictures of family and friends
Pieces of pure sentiment
The stories never end
Tales of places long ago
And beaches long and white
Stories of greed and deception
With characters black as night
Poems about angelic beings
That dance among the clouds
With feathered wings of brilliant white
And dressed in glimmering shrouds
Stories of those long gone before us
Told with a wistful smile
Memories fresh in her old mind
Even though its been a long while
Every kind of story
The memory perfectly captured
She told them with such love and care
Her audience enraptured

#NaPoWriMo April 26

6 thoughts on “Granny’s Treasures

  1. I’ve not read much poems in my life. The odd one here and there but I really couldn’t bear to miss one of yours. You paint pictures with your words and you take your reader to the places you’ve written about. Gifted.

  2. Brilliant poetry from a very talented young lady i call it poetry with a difference very stimulating reading i look forward to seeing many more. Scratchy (my nickname)

  3. This poem was so beautiful… Inspiring.. and took me back to the memories of my mother and my kids who always question about the pictures.. I really enjoyed it.. Thanks for sharing..

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