An Evenings Antics…

I really should’ve been writing
But I’ve been making cakes
Chocolate fudge and lemon
I really love to bake
My plan was make a cup of tea
With cake and sit and write
But like today this evening
Has gone and turned to shite
I went to put my Jammies on
And wash the icing out my hair
And then I slipped and lost my footing
And went flying down the stair
I landed on my head and arm
With quite a hearty clatter
My other half came running in
To see what was the matter
He found me in a sorry heap
At the bottom of the stair
Then asked the daftest question
“How did you get there?”
So now I’m propped up in my chair
Thinking what to write
But my head is minced, my arm is sore
So that’s it for tonight

#NaPoWriMo April 25

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