Where Wild Roses Grow

I know of this place
Down a windy old lane
It’s a place I have walked
Time and time again
A crumbling old wall
That’s half tumbled down
The path is overgrown
And there’s weeds all around
But of an evening
As the sun starts to set
The sky starts to glow
The trees in silhouette
That’s when I wander
Time and again
Down this overgrown
Tumble down lane
The lane has a secret
And only I know
Behind the old wall
Wild roses grow
Their beautiful scent lingers
On the warm evening air
And no one but me
Knows they are there
Their colours are striking
Opulent and pink
Enhanced by the glow
Of the sun as it sinks
I truly am blessed
To be in the know
Of that secret old lane
Where the wild roses grow

#NaPoWriMo April 20


Wild Rose
Photo ¬©SlimySnail’sTrails

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