My Favourite Place To Be

A little window in an attic room
With a view over the sea
I’d sit for hours and watch the waves
My favourite place to be
I’d watch the storms come rushing in
The waves would batter the shore
The wind and rain would lash the glass
Deafening was their roar
The waves would gallop like horses wild
White, unrelenting and fast
Rushing tirelessly up the beach
Until the storm has passed
Thunder rumbles in the distance
Forks of lightening strike the sea
From my little window I watch transfixed
It’s my favourite place to be
On clear calm days it’s still a joy
Still I sit and watch
The gentle waves, the fishing boats
Headed home to land their catch
The seagulls swoop up in the air
And fly out over the sea
I’m watching from my window
My favourite place to be

#NaPoWriMo April 19


Written about my favourite place to sit in the bedroom I had until the age of Five.
The beach as seen from the window.
Photo ©SlimySnail’sTrails

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