I walked alone
A lonely time
A trail of footprints
Only mine
For miles I walked
No place in mind
Shelter was something
I hoped to find
My journey took me
To scary places
Turned away
By familiar faces
So on I walked
All alone
A trail of footprints
On their own
But in time
I saw a light
Twinkling in
The dark of night
I walked towards it
Hoping to find
A place of shelter
A face that was kind
A trail of footprints
I still leave behind
But beside them
You will find
Another trail
Close to mine
I’m not walking
Alone this time
In that light
I found the way
I walk towards
A brighter day
With you beside me
Holding my hand
We walk along
The golden sand

#NaPoWriMo April 16

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