The Umbrella Tree

On a low crooked branch I sat
Under the umbrella tree
With its tree house up above
A place for me to be
In winter starkness I see all around
The grass, the river in snow
I don’t care that the sun doesn’t shine
It’s just a place to go
In spring it’s slumber slowly ends
The world is springing to life
I still sit upon that crooked branch
My escape from trouble and strife
The summer sun is shining bright
And the leaves provide some shade
My crooked branch is my sanctuary
Where I hide from life’s tirade
When your leaves fall and blow away
On your branch I still shall sit
It’s colder now but I’m at peace
Hiding from the daily grit
You’re my umbrella tree
With you I’m safe and warm
Whatever life throws my way
You are my sanctuary in a storm

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