Down A Rabbit Hole

If I could fall down a rabbit hole
Into a wonderland
The amazing things that I would see
It would be rather grand
Purple alpacas eating figs
Chocolate growing on trees
Cats that can talk human
Giant honey bees
A sky that is bright yellow
And clouds a shade of green
The sun is a ball of the brightest blue
That you have ever seen
Butterflies with sparkly wings
Gold plated armadillos
Dogs that play the fiddle
And punk rocker gorillas
Rivers of pink run from the hills
Full of silver fish
Wishing wells made of lego blocks
Come on, make a wish
A purple castle in the clouds
With sparkly lime green towers
And growing up around the walls
Are dancing, singing flowers
I wish that rabbit hole was real
I’d go and spend a while
Marvelling at the silly things
That always make me smile

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