To Love Again

A heart surrounded by barb wire
To keep the hurt at bay
But does it work as it should
Or does it chase the love away
A broken heart takes time to heal
If it ever truly does
But gentle handling, trust and care
And a healthy dose of love
But getting through that harsh defence
Is a challenge for those that try
It’s a never ending battle for trust
That makes you question why
Why is trust so very hard
When love is there to see
It’s not the person giving
Those answers lie with me
But do I even know them
The truths I’m looking for
They’re buried deep within me
Upon them I closed the door
I do not need reminders
Of hurt and grief and pain
But I really must face them
If I’m to love again
In time I’m sure they’ll lessen
And maybe then I’ll see
It’s ok to trust someone
After all, they trust in me.

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