Who Are You

You think you know
You haven’t a clue
It’s just stories
Twisted by you
Telling tales
Spreading lies
Coming from you
It’s no surprise
You’re not happy
That’s plain to see
But why do you want
A piece of me
Your sad existence
Peppered with hate
I’m sorry your life
Is such a sad state
Open your eyes
Open your mind
Look at your life
That you’ve left behind
And this a truth
I’m sorry to say
Your nasty persona
Has led you astray
Who are you really
Do you even know
Behind the bully
Where did you go
Are you proud of this life
Of who you’ve become
Nothing but nasty
Dishonest scum
Can you look in the mirror
And like what you see
A person who preys
On people like me
Look at yourself
Really look deep
Is this a persona
You’re willing to keep
I feel for your troubles
I really do
I know who I am
But who are you

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